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You can find our online safety policy here: Online Safety Policy

For all the latest E-Safety information, visit the Thinkuknow website

Thinkuknow Parents Helpsheets

Parent Info is a newsfeed service offering free support and advice from leading experts on digital family life.

Internet Matters provide information, advice and support to parents looking to help keep their children safe online. Their website is  or you can find them on Twitter or on Facebook

This E-Safety News and Information widget also contains useful info for teachers, parents and pupils:

Staying safe online – advice for parents and carers

  1. Do you have questions about online safety? Look at the NSPCC websiteor contact the NSPCC phone helpline on 0808 8005002.
  2. Did you know you can set up age appropriate parental controls on your home broadband? Find out more.
  3. Ensure your children are using appropriate websites, apps and gamers using age ratings and review sites such as Common Sense Mediaor for games PEGI game rating or Ask about games
  4. Help your children stay safe and get the most out of the internet? Find out more from ThinkUKnow
  5. What should you do if your child sees something upsetting online? Follow the advice on UK Safer Internet Centre blog.
  6. How many hours a day do you think is acceptable for your child to be on devices? Find out more from Childnet
  7. How well do your young people know their contacts on their social networking sites, games or their media? Keep talking to them about who they communicate with … Not sure where to begin – Check out these conversation starter tips from Childnet.
  8. Looking for good online safety information for your 9 to 12-year old? Try the BBC #OwnIt websiteor app for lots of different articles, videos and ideas to help your child navigate the online space safely
  9. Does your child need advice and support after being bullied online? Look at StopSpeakSupportor Childline
  10. Do you have a child using Tik Tok? This app can be fun, but there are risks. Find out more in the parent guide from ParentZone
  11. How do you encourage your child or young person away from their screens and be more engaged in family time?  For ideas visit the FID
  12. The Marie Collins Foundation has produced a booklet to help parents support their child with on-line sexual abuse.
  13. Keeping your under 5s safe on-line – Childnet International have some useful information to help.
  14. It you see harmful content on line you can report it here
  15. Online child abuse | Dorset Police


Please find attached some useful information and resources to support you and your child in keeping safe online.

Safer Internet Letter

How to help LGBTQ+ Stay Safe Online