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If a student is too unwell to take an exam, then the school has to follow a process of applying for ‘special consideration’ from the relevant exam board (AQA, Edexcel, Eduqas, NCFE, WJEC and OCR). The special consideration process involves the completion of the below document:

Parent or carer completes Form 14 Self-certification form

  1. JCQ Guidance: Guide_to_spec_con_process_2023_24_FINAL


Please read the attached information from JCQ for examination candidates


Exam Revision planner. Feb 24

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01 Complaints and appeals procedure for exams 2023-24

02 Conflict of Interest Policy EXAMS 2023-24

03 Exam Contingency Plan 2023-24

04 Internal Appeals Procedure 2023-24

05 Malpractice Policy 2023-24

06 Management of GCSE Non Exam Assessment Policy 2023-24

07 Word Processor Policy 2023-24

08 Exam Escalation Process 2023-2024

09 Exam Emergency Evacuation Policy 2023-2024

10 Procedure to verify Identity of candidates 2023-24

11 Procedure for dealing with access to scripts, enquiries about results and appeals 2023-24

12 Process to check the qualifications of the centre’s assessors (Exams) 2023-24

13 Child Protection Safeguarding EXAMS Policy 2023 – 2024

14 Data Protection Policy EXAMS 2023 – 2024

15 Equalities Policy EXAMS 2023-2024

16 Whistleblowing Policy 2023-2024