22nd November 2017

Darwin & Brunel spell their way to House Challenge success

A hotly-contested spelling bee saw Darwin House gain an early lead in this year’s House Challenge.

In the Key Stage 3 competition, Brunel and Austen came 4th and 3rd respectively after being knocked out quite early on. This left Curie and Darwin to battle it out for top spot, with it eventually having to go to independent head-to-head. Polly Kirk (Curie) and Robert Harper (Darwin) were the chosen representatives for each House, and again, there was nothing between them for several rounds. However, tripped up by the word ‘argument’, Polly had to bow out leaving Darwin the deserved winners of the KS3 Competition.

In the Key Stage 4 contest, Curie were knocked out early by the word ‘foetus’! Darwin were next to be eliminated;  they couldn’t believe their bad luck when they were tasked with spelling ‘encyclopaedia’. Unfortunately, they didn’t manage it and so they had to settle for 3rd place. Again, we had two houses battling it out for a long time before Austen were knocked out by ‘denominator’ leaving Brunel the worthy winners.

With both competitions combined – and working out that 1st place = 4 points, 2nd place = 3 points and so on – then adding both competitions together, this brings us to the placings at this early point of the year:

1st – Darwin (4+2 = 6 points overall)

Joint 2nd – Austen (2+3 = 5 points overall) and Brunel (1+4 points = 5 points overall)

3rd  – Curie ( 3+1 = 4 points overall)

There’s still all to play for so watch this space for the next House Challenge!

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