14th October 2016

Careers Fair – Nov 10th

St Aldhelm’s Academy will be hosting a careers fair on Thursday 10th November 2016.

In what has become an increasingly competitive job market, it is crucial that Yr 10 and 11 students start thinking about the best education route to take after leaving school. The event is therefore an excellent platform to find out about career opportunities post 16 and it will offer students a range of options with regard their future.

We are privileged to be hosting over fifty companies for the event, including nationally recognised organisations such as JP Morgan and Sunseeker and seventeen education providers. The event will start at 2pm and parents of Year 10 and 11 students are invited to the school to join their children at this time to speak with companies about what they offer post 16.

The careers fair promises to be a very popular event on the school calendar and we have invited up to 4 further schools to take part. From 2-3pm the event will solely be open to students and parents from year 10 and 11 of St.Aldhelms Academy.

If it is not convenient to arrive at these times due to work commitments, please do come later on into the afternoon as the fair will be open until 6pm.



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