13th January 2016

Revision help for Year 11 students


We want to ensure Year 11 students are as prepared as possible for their GCSE exams this summer and so a number of revision sessions will take place at the Academy.

On Thursday, 28th January, Year 11 students and their parents are invited to a Revision Skills Evening between 4:30pm and 6pm. This will be an interactive session focusing on practical strategies on how to support your child with revision strategies and stress management.

There are after school sessions currently running for all subjects.

Core subjects, Science, Maths and English are held on Monday, Wednesday and Friday respectively.  Option subjects and PHET take place on Tuesday’s and Thursdays.  Please see the card below for details.

Sessions start 15 mins after the end of the school day and last for one hour.  Topics that are focused on each week are advertised within each Curriculum area and shared within the Year 11 Achievement Assemblies on Mondays.

February Half Term Revision Programme will be shared with Year 11 students on Thursday 21st January.

Y11 After School Revision Year 11 Revision Skills Evening

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