Curriculum Vision We are all different, we all have different interests and we all have different strengths!

Curriculum Overview

We are all different, we all have different interests and we all have different strengths!

If the Academy is at the heart of its community, then the curriculum is at the heart of the Academy. Get the curriculum right, the learning and teaching outstanding, and the pastoral support shaped around the needs of our students and the results take care of themselves.

Our curriculum is critical to this success. Traditional and rigorous academic study forms the cornerstone of learning with all our students studying English, Maths, Science and Physical Education at both KS3 and KS4. Complementing our core curriculum at KS3 is a broad range of subjects our students love to embrace which are: Art, Religious Studies, Music, Dance, Drama, Geography, History, Spanish and Technology (which includes Catering, Engineering, Design Technology, Graphics, STEM and Computing). Choice is a fundamental principle of the curriculum at KS4. We are very proud to be able to offer a real blend of learning to enable our students to choose subjects which will meet their passions and career aspirations. These include traditional academic GCSEs to more practical courses such as Hair & Beauty, Business, Computing, Engineering, Sport or Childcare.

Class Sizes

Add in the essential ingredients of smaller class sizes in some of our options subjects, a wide range of choices available; whatever our students’ interests, there is always a course that is right for them which ensures progression onto post 16 learning.

Curriculum Policy

Key Stage 3     Key Stage 4  
Subject Lessons   Subject Lessons
English 6 English 9
Reading Intervention 4 Maths 8
Maths 8 Science 9
Science 8 Ebacc 5
MFL 3/2 Option X 5
Geography 2 Options Y 5
History 2 Option Z 5
Religious Studies 2 Physical Education 4
Performing /Creative Arts 5/6
Design Technology & Vocational 4
Physical Education 4