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If a student is too unwell to take an exam, then the school has to follow a process of applying for ‘special consideration’ from the relevant exam board (AQA, Edexcel, Eduqas, NCFE, WJEC and OCR). The school does not require a positive lateral flow test result to submit an application for special consideration. The special consideration process involves the completion of two documents:

Parent or carer completes Form 14 Self-certification form

  1. JCQ Guidance:
  2. UKHSA Guidance:

Please read the attached information from JCQ for examination candidates

Summer timetable 2022 Website


1 Exam contingency plan 2021-2022

1a Exam Escalation Process 2021-2022

2a 2b Appeals.Internal Appeals Procedure 2122

3 Non Exam assessment policy 2122

4 Exam Emergency Evacuation Policy 2021-2022

5 Word Processor Policy 2122

6 Complaints and appeals procedure for exams 2122

7 Identity of candidates 2122

8 Procedure for dealing with access to scripts, enquiries about results and appeals 2122

9 Process to check the qualifications of the centre’s assessors (Exams) 2122

10 Child Protection Safeguarding EXAMS Policy 2122

11 Data Protection Policy EXAMS 2122

12 Equalities Policy EXAMS 2122

Y10 Exam boards for students

Information for candidates – onscreen tests

Information for candidates – written exams

Information for candidates ~ NEA 1920


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