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Lockdown Careers Activities

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STEM club week timetable 22-26th June 2020


How to start planning for your future during lockdown


Getting Ideas

Start by thinking about what careers might suit you and read up on jobs to make sure you know what they involve and how you can get there.

Website Do the Buzz Quiz – find out what animal you are and what careers might suit you.  Watch videos on a huge range of careers and careers linked to your favourite subjects Start with “About Me” – answer all the questions and get career ideas.  Then look at “My Activities” for modules to develop the skills you need to start planning your future Find out more about jobs which interest you including entry requirements and routes in Thinking about university?  Start with “Take the Quiz” Then research careers using the “Jobs & Work Experience” and “Careers Advice” tabs


Everything you need to know about university

Everything you need to know about apprenticeships



Use Lockdown to build your skills for your future

Use this time to develop the skills that future employers will look for and which will make you stand out on your CV and on applications to college, sixth form, apprenticeships and university.

BeReady – you have been sent an email to login and get started with this


Log in to your BeReady account for a huge range of courses and information to help you plan your future and get ready for your next steps Create an account at Success at School and get advice on careers including employability skills and work experience


After Year 11

After Year 11 you can choose to do a full-time course at college or sixth form or get an apprenticeship, which is a job with training.  It all starts with GCSEs.


NB – “Vocational” means “related to a job”

GCSE Grades


Option Next Steps
Grades 5-6+


A levels

Choose 3 or 4 subjects you enjoy and are good at, continue with GCSE subjects or try new ones.  Very exam based.  Available at sixth forms and colleges.


University or an Advanced or Higher-Level Apprenticeship


Grades 4+ Level 3 Vocational Course/BTEC

Equivalent to A levels; more practical, more coursework, related to a career area.  Available at colleges and some sixth forms.


University or an Advanced or Higher-Level Apprenticeship


Grades 3+ Level 2 Vocational Course/BTEC/NVQ

Related to a career area; examples include Animal Care, Art, Business, Construction, Engineering, IT, Hair & Beauty, Health & Social Care.  Available at colleges and some sixth forms.


Level 3 Course or an Apprenticeship
Grades 1-2 Foundation Level Courses give you an introduction to a subject area and let you try different things.  Examples include Construction, Health, Social Care & Children, Business, Beauty Therapy, Skills Track.  Available at colleges.


Level 2 Course or an Apprenticeship

Remember – if you do not achieve a grade 4+ in Maths and/or English you will need to retake it at college, sixth form, or during your apprenticeship.


Additional Needs

If you have a learning difficulty, support need or disability, sixth forms, colleges and apprenticeships will provide the support you need to succeed.



Colleges offer a range of courses and apprenticeships Bournemouth & Poole College – offer a huge range of vocational courses and apprenticeships


Kingston Maurward College – specialises in courses and apprenticeships related to the land, animals, sport, construction, armed forces


Brockenhurst College – vocational courses, apprenticeships and A levels Rockley – offers courses in water sports BAMM – music courses – performance and production


Sixth Forms

Sixth Forms offer A levels in a wide range of subjects and some do Level 3 & Level 2 Vocational Courses as well.  There are lots of sixth forms in Bournemouth and Poole.  These are just a few.


The Bourne Academy Leaf Studio (Specialises in Sport & Performing Arts) Ferndown Upper School Twynham School St Edward’s High School St Peter’s School



Go to university to study a subject you love in more depth or to train for a specific career.


You don’t have to stay at home to go to university but there are three universities in Bournemouth.


Also – Bournemouth & Poole College, Brockenhurst College and Kingston Maurward College all offer university level courses.


Bournemouth University – huge range of courses in lots of different subjects Arts University Bournemouth – specialises in art, design and performing arts Anglo European Chiropractic College – specialises in chiropractic, psychology and sport

If you have any questions about your future, email your Careers Adviser:

Katherine Speed – [email protected]


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