HOME LEARNING DURING SCHOOL CLOSURE - please follow the link below for details of work for each year group

Year 8

Year 8 Home Learning

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Y8 Home Learn Letter 17.4.20

Y8 Term 5 WEEK 5 wb 180520

Y8 Term 5 WEEK 4 wb 110520

Y8 Term 5 WEEK 3 wb 040520

Y8 Term 5 WEEK 2 wb 270420

Y8 Term 5 WEEK 1 wb 200420

Support with online platforms

Staying Safe Online


Y8 Art weekly tasks

Y8 Narrative Project Starter Tasks THINK for 3

Y8 Narrative Project booklet


Y8 Catering Scrap Book Term 5


Y8 Computing Worksheet WK 5

Y7 & Y8 Computing Term 5


Y8 Dance – Famous Dancers and Choreographers Week 4&5

Y8 Dance -Dance Styles Project Week 2&3

Y8 Dance -Dance Styles Week 1


Y7 8 9 DRAMA How to make a model theatre

Y8 Drama Introduction to Shakespeare Mrs Coyne

Y8 Drama Shakespeare Project

Y8 Drama Shakespeare Research

Y8 Drama T Navigating the Globe

Y8 Drama Globe-Theater-Powerpoint

Y8 Drama Globe-Theatre-Model 2

Optional activity – Just for fun!

Y7 & Y8 Drama Putting On A Show!

Y7 to Y10 Drama Project T5


Y8 Geography River processes WK 5

Y8 Geography River Processes 18.5.20

Y8 Geography River processes Work Booklet WK 5

Y8 Geography Term 5 .3

Y8 Geography T5 week 3 and 4

Y8 Geography T5

Geogglebox 18052020

Geogglebox 11052020

Geogglebox 04052020

Geogglebox 27042020


Yr 8 History Distance Learning

HISTORY COMPETITION – click on the picture below to take part in the #POSTCARDSFROMTHEPAST competition. Closing date is Wednesday 1st July

Optional activity – Y7, 8 & 9 History Virtual Field Trips


Y8 Aiming for Grade 1 Booklet

Once done, check your answers here:


Y8 Music Term 5 Music PP


Core PE workouts

Religious Studies

Y8 Religious Studies WK 5 & 6

Y8 Religious Studies WK 3 & 4 4th -15th May

Y8 Religious Studies Worksheet Term 5


Y8 Science Non Book work


Y8 Spanish SUPPORT W5

Y8 Spanish Section B Worksheet De paseo por mi ciudad WK 5

Y8 Spanish Support W4 Spanish the place where I live

Y8 Spanish Worksheet W4 Section B The place where I live Spanish

Y8 Spanish Support Y8 W3 Nouns and articles

Y8 Worksheet W3 Section B Nouns and articles Spanish

Y8 Spanish Support W2 BODY and ILLNESSES

Y8 Spanish Section B W2 BODY and ILLNESSES

Y8 Spanish Section B W1 SER and ESTAR

Y8 Spanish Support W1 SER and ESTAR

Spanish for Native Speakers

KS3 Spanish Native Speakers WEEK 5 & 6

KS3 Spanish Native Speakers SUPPORT W5

KS3 Spanish Native Speakers Work W5

KS3 Spanish Native Speakers WEEK 3 & 4

KS3 Spanish Native Speakers Work W4

KS3 Spanish Native Speakers Work W3

KS3 Spanish Native Speakers Term 5

KS3 Spanish Native Speakers WEEK 2 Section A

KS3 Spanish Native Speakers WEEK 1 Section A


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