Vocational Learning and IT


Vocational Learning and IT Staff

  • Mrs C King Head of Department
  • Mr W Gregory
  • Ms S Bell
  • Mr A Clarida
  • Mr D Evans
  • Mr S Murray

Computer Science Information

Why Vocational Learning is Important

Our area provides students with the opportunity to experience vocational subjects at a GCSE level. It allows each student to gain hands on experience together with the knowledge to underpin their skills.
It exposes each student to the industry they are interested in and develops their knowledge and skills and prepares them for a potential career.

This subjects  primarily developed for schools and colleges are deliver to learners with an interest in these fields:

  • Motor Vehicle Studies
  • Business & Enterprise
  • Child Development and Education
  • Computer Science

Additional Support for Vocational Learning

  • Evening and weekend revision sessions GCSE exams final session.

Business Year 11 outline

Child development

CL Presentation Overview


Food and Nut




Thought of the week

Confucius Education breeds confidence. Confidence breeds hope. Hope breeds peace.


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