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Performing Arts

Music plays an important role within the curriculum here at St Aldhelm’s Academy.  We understand that Music and the Arts allow pupils to express themselves in a creative and unique way and see this as a valuable part of their learning and growing as individuals.

Should your child attend our school, they will be sure to receive outstanding quality teaching in music as well as offering them a whole range of musical opportunities within their school time here.

We have a wide range of practical activities within our music lessons, such as Samba band, Jazz and Blues keyboard lessons, African drumming, dance music strands, vocal units and many more to allow us to seek out and spot gifted and talented pupils in music, as well as building confidence, musical knowledge and understanding and most importantly key life skills within all pupils.

Any pupils who show an interest and flair in music will be encouraged to pursue this further by taking our BTEC Course in Music or the Performing Arts.

We have a growing peripatetic department offering an opportunity for your child to learn a musical instrument with a skilled teacher of their chosen instrument, allowing them to grow naturally as a skilled musician.

As a school we work closely with an array of musical facilitators outside of  St Aldhelm’s, such as Soundstorm, an award -winning Hub for the Arts. Our close relationship with these providers allows us to offer an array of musical opportunities for your child.

Should your child wish to take part in clubs and musical activities within and outside of the school day, they will have the opportunity to take part in singing groups as well as seasonal performing opportunities and other school bands and groups.  We encourage pupils to perform, compose and create music together whenever possible within lesson time and free time within and outside the school day.

We have a professional stage at hand within our school which includes high quality lighting and sound to enhance all performances here at St Aldhelm’s Academy, creating the perfect environment for any budding performer to grow in confidence and performing skills.

Teaching Staff

Curriculum Leader, Music and Performing Arts – Clare King

Drama Teacher – Sharon Coyne

Dance Teacher – Rachel Hanwell

Dance Teacher – Levi Goddard






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