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Mathematics at St Aldhelm's Academy



Mathematics Teaching Staff

  • Mr B McBride – Curriculum leader
  • Mr C Birch – Second in Department
  • Mr P Barker
  • Mr T Joyner
  • Miss H O’Neile
  • Mrs J McNiven
  • Mr P Taylor

Mathematics opens the doors to many promising career paths. A study by Pay Scale shows that the top 15 highest-earning degrees have a common element: mathematics. Not only that, it is a key factor in students being able to move onto the next stage of their education, whether it be an apprenticeship, A-Levels or the world of work.

Mathematics teaches problem-solving and resilience and the ability to look at an issue and work through it logically.

Students experience mathematics through a mixture of formal whole class instruction as well as individual and small group learning experiences to encourage a genuine interest and passion for the subject. Feedback is tailored to the individual student to help guide them through their learning and assessments are used periodically to measure progress and understanding.

Students have 8 hours of mathematics per fortnight in year 7-10 in which a range of topics are covered this then increases to 9 hours per fortnight for year 11. Students follow a 3-year KS3 program which embeds the foundations and ensures these are established prior to KS4. All students will follow the GCSE (9-1) course with Edexcel. In addition to our new text books published by Pearson, a wide variety of other resources are used within lessons to help facilitate learning and engage each class.

Topics studied at KS3 place a high focus on Number and Algebra as these are the most widely used skills in everyday life. It is hugely important to ensure the basics are mastered before moving on. Beyond this, pupils also study geometry, probability, statistics and ratio and proportion.

At KS4 students are prepared for their GCSEs ensuring that the entire syllabus I covered and that any knowledge gaps are filled. At KS4 pupils are assessed more regularly and in a variety of ways including lesson plenaries, end of topic tests and formal examinations. Every lesson has a clear focus on assisting students in achieving their potential and students are taught how to tackle GCSE exam questions from day one.

The final GCSE assessment consists of three papers, one non-calculator and two calculator papers, in line with the introduction of the new 9-1 grading system.

Homework is set once a week for all pupils. This is done via our online platform Hegarty Maths. This is a powerful program which is supported every step of the way with how-to videos and self-marking assessments. We ask parents/carers to support us in ensuring that homework is completed to a high standard by encourage students to seek guidance from their teachers who will always be happy to help. This can be done online over Hegarty or face to face in the classroom.

Additional Support for Mathematics

  • A weekly study session for all students is available to support any pupil who is struggling.
  • Year 11 who are preparing for their GCSEs have a weekly revision session hosted by their teacher. As the exam season draws nearer these revision sessions are also held during school holidays and in some cases at the weekend. The following websites contain lots of useful resources for students and