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Portrait1_0024Why Catering is Important

Catering looks at all aspects of the food industry. You will learn everything from cooking methods, nutrition and the hospitality industry, not to mention basic and advanced skills

“Catering can lead to a number of different roles in the hospitality and catering sector. Whether it is running a restaurant or kitchen or training to become a chef.

The course will be valuable to gain key skills but will also lead to a number of career paths. you could go onto college to a course in catering and hospitality which could even lead to university to study events management ”

Approach to Learning

The course will be based on half theory and half practical. The emphasis will be on building up advanced practical skills but with that the theory and knowledge to support it. The kitchen will be a busy motivated environment and students will sometimes work as a group or individually. Students will be encouraged to work as independently from the teacher as much as possible.

Year 7

There will be a focus on making sure students work safely and hygienically in practical lessons such as using a knife correctly and understanding what cross contamination is.

Students will learn the basics of cooking, starting off with biscuits and soup then progress onto basic dough products such as bread and pizza.

Year 8

The emphasis in theory will be healthy eating where students will have a good understanding of the main nutrients in the diet and the purpose they have in the body. They will also learn about healthy lifestyles and what is a balanced meal.

In the practical sessions they will learn how to make a white sauce using a roux where they will make macaroni cheese and basic pastry dishes. They will also learn how to make healthy tasty dishes from scratch

Year 9

This year will prepare them for GCSE catering in year 10. It will give them a good insight in what will be covered and what would be required of them which will help then decide whether they would want to take this subject as one of their options.

They will look at advanced cookery skills such as fresh pasta, puff pastry, choux pastry and more complex short crust pastry dishes such as lemon meringue pie.

They will also look into more detail what was covered in years 7 and 8.

Key Stage 4

These units concentrate on the food preparation and service aspect of the hospitality and catering industry and can be studied as a single award or as a component of the double award hospitality and catering.

Throughout the course of study, it would be beneficial to candidates for the centre to develop links with local establishments, industry and FE colleges. Such links will ensure candidates gain realistic work related experiences.
Areas of study:

  • The industry – food and drink.
  • Job roles, employment opportunities and relevant training.
  • Health, safety and hygiene.
  • Food preparation, cooking and presentation.
  • Nutrition and menu planning.
  • Costing and portion control.
  • Specialist equipment.
  • Communication and record keeping.

GCSE Specification

Controlled assessment 1

They have the choice of cooking an afternoon tea or dinner which is made of dairy foods. They will need to cook 4 dishes for each one in 3 hours. They will also have to complete a written assignment which can be no longer then 10 pages. This counts as 20% of their final mark

Controlled assessment 2

They will choose an international cuisine where they will have to cook 2 highly skilled dishes in 3 hours. They will also have to complete a written assignment which can be no longer then 20 pages. This counts towards 40% of their final mark

The exam is 1 hour and 15 minutes and will contribute 60% of the final mark.

Full GCSE Course Information



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