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Rewards and Behaviour



We all love being rewarded for the things that we do well and students at our academy are no different!

We reward everyone in a variety of ways to ensure that regardless of students’ abilities and interests, there is always something for which they can be recognised.

Certificates, stickers, ‘colours’ badges in Sport and Creativity, telephone calls home, reward trips and assemblies form part of the overall package to motivate and recognise our students’ outstanding achievements along with the daily recognition of verbal praise and congratulation for all the things that they do well.

We make no apology for setting high standards when it comes to uniform, attendance, punctuality, behaviour and the quality of work that students are required to achieve in order to be a member of our school community and receive recognition for it. We will always reward students for the things that they do well, whilst addressing areas for improvement using a firm, transparent and clearly understood behaviour policy to ensure the smooth daily running of the Academy’s core business – teaching and learning! Perhaps most importantly, we will always seek to encourage a student to reflect and accept guidance about how to make a choice more positively if their first attempt was not the right one to take; after all, we are working with humans and not machines.

SAA behaviour policy March 2018

SAA 2019 behaviour for learning policy appendix v.30

Detention Update October 2019

Care & Control of Pupils


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