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A Message from The Chief Executive

When St Aldhelm’s Academy joined Ambitions Academies Trust (AAT) in Summer 2015, it joined a family of academies all aiming for a common goal – to be Outstanding.

As part of Ambitions Academies Trust, St Aldhelm’s Academy is following a strategy with proven results. AAT challenges and supports all of its academies to become outstanding. Schools which have joined us have found a sense of direction and stability after periods of uncertainty and gone on to achieve outstanding success.

This is because we believe in high expectations for all and creating the right environment in which young people can learn.

The St Aldhelm’s Academy mantra is ‘High Expectations lead to High Achievers’ and as with all Ambitions’ academies the Principal and her team work on the belief that the ‘quality of an education system cannot exceed the quality of its teachers’.

Parents and students who choose St Aldhelm’s Academy can expect outstanding leadership and a team of specialist teachers dedicated to ensuring all our pupils receive an education which helps them reach their full potential.

The right environment for learning is also key and if you received this prospectus during a visit to the school you will have already seen the results of our ambitious renovation programme which has created new learning spaces and state of the art science and IT suites.

We place strong emphasis on the pastoral aspect of a young person’s school life and St Aldhelm’s Academy pupils tell us they feel nurtured and valued.

This is reflected in the obvious pride with which pupils wear their uniforms and their genuine enthusiasm for learning.

If you are yet to visit St Aldhelm’s Academy you would be warmly welcomed.

I’m confident we will meet your expectations and more.

Sian Thomas

Chief Executive

Ambitions Academies Trust

2019-24 – AAT Strategic Business Plan

AAT Scheme of Delegation v3